we are striving to be a dynamic faith family

  • Redeemed by Jesus Christ & empowered by the Holy Spirit to worship God & share the gospel with our community and beyond!  We would love if you joined our family.

    To do this to the best of our ability we are always examining ourselves to understand what it means to be a disciple of Christ here and now.

A disciple is faithfully sensitive to one’s needs.

We desire to put action in what we believe.  We believe that each and every person has value.  Everyone is incomplete.  No one is superior in the eyes of God.   God’s plan will be accomplished in his timing.


Can we pray or minister to you in anyway?

A disciple is creating disciples that create disciples.

A disiciple has a passion for knowing God more.

Discipleship is painful and it takes work.

Passion to know God more begins with a faith that God is who he says he is.  This passion to know God more grows with a passion to know God’s word.

Word of God is our ultimate authority of worship, discipleship, preaching, relationships not preference, opinions, point of views, not needs, desires, nor comforts.

a disciple has a gospel-centered mentality.

We become captivated by its great Hero. We become that kid who grabs the kaleidoscope and becomes mesmerized by the amazing things that he continual sees.

Our imagination is not focused on what potential could have happened but what did happen, and what could happen in light of this joyous news.

We begin to worship Jesus as the Hero of the Bible as well as the Hero of our own epic journey and are joyful for all the great things that He will do.

Jesus captures our imagination and becomes our true object of worship.

This worship is what captures the heart’s imagination.



A disciple focuses on enjoying God more than anything else.

The values of God are vastly different than the values of the world.  His power is vastly nuanced, One would expect God to move mountains.  The God of the bible moves truth and mountains.  Truth is truth because God made it true, not because he simply is knowledgable about truth.

The weight of this God is all-encompassing.  He accomplishes this in the Christ event.  Shame is glory, death turned to life. Service turned to exaltation.  Weakness turned to strength.


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a disciple is lifetime learner of the way of Christ

Being disciple is receiving power from God to pass the power to another.

Jesus gave up power and position so that we may be empowered to go to the nations.

The disciples were shocked that Jesus washed their feet, so you can imagine their speechless silence as they started to think about the last 3 years of their life.  The miracles, casting of demons, the preaching to thousands.  How was Jesus different than what they expected  learning for a rabbi?  Always doing something different than what they expected.   An interesting thing that happens is that the more we realize the greatness of Jesus in the little things the bigger we see him to be.  If we only see God in the assumed big things, the less we value Jesus.

A disciple acknowledges God as big in seemly small things.

As Jesus did,  A disciple gives for the life of others.

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